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Introducing the Martian Colonists


The second book for my game is Force Book for the Martian Colonists.


You can download it by clicking on the picture.

Who are the Martian Colonists?

A Colonial Officer

The Martian Colonists are the descendants of humans from Earth.  In 1878 Belgian explorers discovered a gate to another world in the Congo region.  The great powers of the world created colonies across the newly discovered world scientists christened "Nova Planetia," but which the press inaccurately and popularly called "Mars." Their settlements soon spread across the canals and ruins of the Great Basin region and fended off the primitive native tribes of humans and Brutes.

Then in 1914 disaster struck.  The Ancients and their war-machines swept south across the region, destroying cities, slaying populations, and taking slaves.  Then, aburptly, they stopped.  The outlying human colonies survived, cut off from Earth.

For a decade the colonists have planned their counter-attack.  They have developed new vehicles, powerful guns, and advanced tactics to seize the basin again.  Now, in 1942, their divisions are trained and ready to fight.  The long-planned offensive will begin.

How it Works

Like other armies in this game, the Colonists are meant to use existing model ranges. The Colonists are based on historical inter-war and World War II forces.  A typical army at the platoon-level will consist of less than fifty infantry models and a few vehicles. So if you have a 28mm World War I or World War II army, you have a Martian Colonist army too, and you can play this game.
Give it a try!


The troops available to the Colonial armies vary considerably.  Most receive adequate training, destined for service in the coming Offensive.  Those seasoned in combat, even small skirmishes gain a valuable edge of experience.  A select few are trained, selected and equipped to the highest standard.  The Colonial population is low, and must supplement its regular forces with a reserve of civilians trained part-time for police, garrison or other secondary duties.

  • Reserve Units are trained and equipped for secondary duties, and are often composed of older men who have only recently been recalled from civilian life.  Their last training may have taken place months or years ago.  Reserve Units are usually last in line for new equipment.  Despite this, Reserve Units are often highly patriotic and committed to current offensive. 
  • Regular Units have received substantial training.  They are usually young men who have volunteered or are serving their mandatory terms of service.  The Colonies have tasked their current regular Units with the coming offensive, and many have received new batches of the latest equipment.
  • Veteran Units have seen combat and survived.  This experience gives them a substantial edge.  Most Veteran Units consist of men who have served more than one term of service and intend to make the military their career.  Most Veterans have fought Brutes, Native humans, or rebels.  Very few have tested themselves against the soldiers of the Free Cities or the Ancients.  Most Veteran units are designated for the coming offensive, and have been receiving new equipment and resupply.  A few Veteran units, however, are posted in garrisons far from the center of the Colonies and may be making due with older equipment. 
  • Elite Units consist of only the fittest and ablest of volunteers, and are highly-motivated.  They are able close-quarter and melee combatants.  The Elite Units are well-equipped.  However, many Elite Units are light infantry and thus eschew heavy equipment. 


Even forces with the same equipment may be trained differently.  In this game, differences in training and capacity are reflected in special abilities called Doctrines.  Activated with a roll, each Doctrines allows your army to do something special.  You can choose among different Doctrines before play:

  • The Armored Doctrine focuses on vehicles, allowing your vehicles to fight more effectively at close and long range, and to move in and out of cover.
  • The Assault Doctrine focuses on close combat, letting your troops re-roll close combat attacks and avoid being suppressed by enemy fire.
  • The Brutality Doctrine is for forces driven into battle by heartless taskmasters.  You can kill your own troops in exchange for benefits in battle. Alles klar, Herr Komissar?
  • The √Član Doctrine allows your troops to recover from suppression more quickly and to move faster across the battlefield.
  • The Drill Doctrine reflects disciplined troops and their greater volume and accuracy of fire.
  • The Professionalism Doctrine reflects the high degree of training in your force, and grants situational bonuses of your choosing.
  • The Rugged Doctrine makes your troops tougher, better able to cross difficult terrain and survive punishing enemy fire.
  • The Stealth Doctrine lets your force ambush the enemy and conceal themselves in the open.
The First of Many

The Martian Colonists are only the first of several forces for the game.  In coming months, I will release supplements for other armies too: the hardy non-human Brutes, the proud but hidden Free Cities, and the dastardly, sadistic Ancients who have laid all Mars waste with their endless wars!

Martian Colonist squad.
The pictures on this page are of Old Glory's British World War One range.

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