Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Customizing the Free Cities: Spells and Doctrines

Sabre and Raygun allows you to customize your army with special abilities.  Even forces with the same skill and equipment may play very differently, based on their Doctrines.  The Free Cities book adds an additional layer -- spells, a special kind of optional Doctrine that can buff an enhance your force in multiple, exciting ways.


The Free Cities employ many elite, specialized units.  Their Doctrines reflect the differing military traditions of the cities, and, in particular, their approaches to combined arms. 

  • The Deadly Doctrine enhances the damage output of your Force in shooting and melee.
  • The Flexible Doctrine enhances squads of mixed troop types, emphasizing combined arms at the lowest tactical level.  It lets you, as the commander, take best advantage of your ability to mix basic troops into new formations.
  • The Specialist Doctrine enhances homogenous squads, rendering each troop type more effective at their best ability.  This is combined arms, too, but with an emphasis on the platoon, rather than the squad, level.  
  • The Proud Doctrine enhances squad morale, making them less likely to break or suffer suppression.
  • The Winged Doctrine enhances the Vehicles, Cavalry and Monsters in the Free Cities' force, perfect for players who like their armies fast.


Hare for hiding,
Falcon for seizing
Jackal for its mate,

Dragon for might,
Beast for endurance,
Serpent for mysteries.

Worm hates them all.

-- Martian Proverb

The Free Cities introduces a new type of Character, the Priest.  Priests can cast spells, which work just like Doctrines to buff units in powerful ways.  Each Priest chooses a Great Power to worship, each of which confers a different list of spells.  In addition, Priests can try to counter enemy spells when they are cast. 

  • Hare, the trickster, interferes with enemy Morale.
  • Falcon, the swift hunter, enhances a squad's to-Hit.
  • Jackal, the scavenger, grants a squad concealment.
  • Dragon, the fanged, enhances a squad's to-Wound.
  • Beast, the enduring, enhances a squad's Toughness.
  • Serpent, the immortal, foils an enemy's attempt to-Wound.
  • Worm, the devourer, weakens an enemy's Saves.

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