Sunday, March 24, 2013

Army Complete! Free Martian Cities

I've finished painting up my test models for the free Martian cities. (Here's a link to my organization articles, to my original test models.)

These models are from Warlord Games' ancient range, and are about 100$ worth of models from three boxed sets.  (You can read more about them here.)

Completed, they make 2x squads of ten for each troop type, command, and some support weapons.  That makes about two platoons worth:

2 Platoons of infantry, with some support weapons.

A close up from eye level.

More eye level.

Elevated view.

Another elevated view.

A free Martian platoon typically consists of three squads of ten, plus a command group.  Each of three squads has three manuses of three soldiers, and a decanus (sergeant).  Each squad has different weapons. The venatores (hunters) have carbines and "grenade launchers." The scutatores (shields) have close combat weapons and extra strong sheilds.  The lanceatores (lances) have long range guns, and sometimes man support weapons.

The command group.

Venatores. Every third model has a launcher.


These Lanceatores have swapped their normal guns for support weapons.

I modeled this support weapon differently so it can represent an AT gun.
The platoon commander can intermix the individual manuses any way he desires.  Typically, this results in one of two configurations.  Each squad may be composed of a "pure" formation of like armaments.  Or, each squad may be "mixed" with one manus of each type.

Platoon in contubernia pura organization.

Platoon in contubernia mixta organization.

Woot! So one major project down.  Next up: finish my colonists so the Martians have someone to fight.

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