Sunday, July 14, 2013

Roman the Skies II

I finished a vehicle for the Martian Free cities.  It's built from an Academy Roman Trireme.  (You can see the construction log here.)  I was originally going to use sails from another kit, but they were just too big.  So I used these fins, made from some plasticard.  They are actually slightly transparent. 

According to my background, the Free Cities build their vehicles from advanced synthetic materials (including energy emitters and anti-gravity strips) left over from the Ancient Civil War, but they don't understand how the technology works.  So everything is hand-assembled, using iron-age techniques. Techno-primitive.  Thus it's entirely appropriate for their flying ship to look like a ship, complete with keel, ribbing, and so forth.

The completed Trireme

Escorting some infantry.

The Martians attack a Colonial infantry platoon.

The weapon-systems: an AT gun on deck and an LMG on the undercarriage.

A rear shot.


Beside the river.

The deck gun.  It's not Freudian. Really.
The undercarriage LMG.  It's on a magnet for swiveling.
A fin.

Translucent against the light. That and the texture gives it an iridescent look even in normal lighting.


Scary Biscuits said...

Sweet, man!

I'm a f-ing huge John Carter fan and this is pretty solid Barsoom awesomeness!

Tom de Mayo said...

Thanks. Have you seen my ersatz Tharks from a few posts ago?

Stronghead said...

a really cool looking and inspirating blog !
Great plastic conversions, especially the brutes and the trireme !
Great use of all these new plastic historical minis for a sci-fi theme.

Keep going !